Airport pick up

The transferee will be welcomed at the gate and driven by car to their new home. Also, a picture will be taken to capture the special moment.  A short personlised story will be posted to keep the memory.


We have developed a personal and structured process quickly connecting the dots to provide a soft landing. 


Screening short list rental properties 

Scheduling house viewing appointments

Negotiation of lease term/ conditions 

Coordinate signing of the  lease deposit / first month rent payment

Arrange to check in


Registration city councel

Social security number

Bank account


Exchange of driver’s license

Settling in

Relocate magazine: fun articles about culture, history and the Tech scene

Application of utilities (water/ gas / electricity, telephone, tv and internet)

Hotline in case the transferee faces difficulties 


Customised approach

All materials are customised to client’s needs and the city where the office is located

Introduction tool

This relocation guidance tool is introduced during the first call with the transferree. It provides a frame of reference explaining the steps and makes the process more fun. 

Relocate Magazine

The magazine welcomes the professional to the client’s team.  It consists of stories about Dutch culture, history, the tech scenes, social clubs and many more.

City Guide

The newcomer (and spous) receives an OV chipcard with ten euro credit and a mobile city guide. This enables the newcomer(s) to explore all the hot spots in town right away.

Relocation stories